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Rendi's Mud Bug Trailer

Rendi del (Huchingson) Threadgill

Owner and Leader of the CREW!

After graduating from HSU with a BFA and living out my dream job of being a Graphic Designer ... One day my dad and I were eating crawfish in Texarkana and I said "Daddy, I think I could cook crawfish". We decided to go into the crawfish buisness together. I would cook crawfish and he would raise them on his farm. Well I got the crawfish stand and he "TRIED" to raise the crawfish but that didn't work out, therefore we purchase fresh Louisana crawfish and since 2002 we have been slinging crawfish for Hot Springs and LOVING IT! 

Rendi Washington
Colt Huchingson Threadgill

Colt Huchingson Threadgill


Joining the crawfish crew in 2008, Colt has become somewhat of a crawfish connoisseur! Sometimes you will find him sorting crawfish, cleaning them, helping you at the window, but most days you will find him eating most of the profits!

Ron Huchingson (PaPaw to Most)

Head Man In Charge

2008 Ron (Daddy) came to help on a daily basis because of Colt Huchingson Threadgill... Daddy said it was to help me at the stand but we all knew it was because he wanted to see that grandbaby weekly. Ron is in charge of most everything at Rendi's Mud Bugs - we just don't let him know it! 

Ron Huchingson
Jody Murders

Jody Murders

Owner to Some - Head shaker and BFF

Jody has been shaking crawfish since the beginning of time! He is my best friend and there isn't anything he can't handle at the stand. If he doesn't know the answer - he will make something up that sure sounds great!!!!!

Zach Washington & Jeannie Springer
Joe Scott

Zachary Wade Washington 

Jeannie Springer

Joe Scott

Lecie O'Neal 

Without all these wonderful people in my life - Rendi's Mud Bugs would never have been possiable. I hope you will come visit us soon! 

- Son and Free Food Taker

- Momma, Colt Keeper and Retired Cheif Crawfish Slayer

- Great Friend and my Go-To-Guy 

- My little Cousin and can be found at the window on Thursday's! 

Crawfish crew
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